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Veterans Disabilities From Grinding Teeth? Here's The ANSWER

Veterans can face a whole lot of health related disabilities that involve much of their time and energies in the innumerable trips to the physician and further examinations and verifications thereafter. Veteran disabilities from teeth grinding is often not a very straight forward cases since it involves symptoms that are not clearly indicative of a damaging dental condition.


Veterans and teeth grinding


While damage to teeth may become apparent with time, it requires knowledge of the condition of teeth grinding in order to pursue the right channel of examinations to verify the root causes of the problem.


The occurrence of teeth grinding is closely related to the existence of stress and anxiety and it ramifications on an individualís life. Veterans, by nature of their lives in the military and the history of combat circumstances that many of them have lived through, often end up leading very traumatic lives after retirement. A fact that is not appreciated  as much as it should by those who do not have the insight into the military conditions that soldiers have to live in.


Stress and its connection to teeth grinding


Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the common conditions that veterans undergo. Although the PTSD as a condition is acknowledged, the connection that this condition can lead to other health issues is often lost on many and quite literally difficult to establish. This is a perennial lacuna of veteranís disabilities issue.


Stress and anxiety are one of the most common of the many established factors of teeth grinding. It is little wonder then that veterans are especially prone to teeth grinding. Several Vietnam veterans have been seen to go through the oral condition of teeth grinding as a direct consequence of the traumatic period of their lives that often leave deep scars in their lives and bring forth many ramifications and health issues that are rooted in and related to the trauma and associated stress factors.


The wear and tear resulting from teeth grinding is different in nature from other dental causes of teeth wear and tear. One needs to visit a dental personnel who is specialized in cases of Bruxism, in order to clearly establish the linkages of stress to the teeth grinding issue. Veterans disabilities and teeth grinding therefore present a typical case in point for treatment of teeth grinding through multi disciplinary methods of using damage control devices (such as night guards or splints) and undertaking holistic measures of treating teeth grinding through relaxation techniques, correct exercises and other life style habits.


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