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Unusual Symptoms Of TMJ:
Are They REALLY True?

Temporomandibular joint disorders are pretty common occurrences throughout the US and in other parts of the world as well. Most medics are however familiar with the symptoms of TMJ disorders that include inflammation of the joint, problem in chewing, uneven bite, migraine and a host of tribulations that are difficult to tackle. But those who are specializing in controlling the TMJ disorder have come across quite a few unusual symptoms hitherto known to be unrelated to TMJ. A few case studies (actual narration as given by the sufferer) have also been added to illustrate some of the atypical symptoms of TMJ.


Looking from an anatomical perspective, this bony joint on both sides of the face is in close proximity with several vital organs located within the skull. For instance, it is hardly an inch away from the middle ear which is most sensitive and is linked with it through a ligament that transmits sensations felt within the ear. The TMJ is also quite close to the neck muscles and so pain in the joint is immediately radiated to the neck and the surrounding muscles. And it is no wonder that Tinnitus symptom is shared by the TMJ syndrome too. In fact, the medical profession is still in doubt whether Tinnitus gives rise to TMJ problems or vice versa.


Here Are Some Of These Unusual Signs And Symptoms Relating To TMJ


  1. Ringing in the ears, which is a tell tale symptom of Tinnitus is frequently experienced by all those who are suffering from TMJ for which the Pintos Ligament is most probably responsible. This ligament connects the middle ear with the TMJ, providing a two-way traffic between the organs.
  2. Swelling in the jaw area and the cheek is another unusual symptom of TMJ. This is more pronounced on the side of the face that has been affected. However, this is not a regular feature of TMJ disorder and is rarely found.
  3. Shoulder pain is sometimes experienced by TMJ patients of severe intensity. It is usually located to one side of the shoulder where the strain radiates through the neck, spreading towards the shoulder.
  4. Vertigo is rather uncommon with TMJ sufferers, though dizziness may accompany such people frequently. It usually begins in the form of lightheadedness or a slight feeling of spinning which gradually rises in intensity, taking the shape of vertigo.
  5. Numbness in the fingers is another unusual symptom of the TMJ disorder in men above fifty. It often makes the person unable to drive a car or sign a document. However, it is reportedly a temporary phase that vanishes as abruptly as it had commenced.


Nevertheless, atypical symptoms of TMJ are not restricted to the few described above while the following case studies may reveal their range in a matter of fact way.


Case Study # 1: No TMJ Pain But Jaw Pops Out Constantly


I have suffered from problems with my TMJ since I was a child. When I was 10 years old, my mother used to complain of me "clicking my teeth" on a spoon when I ate. The trouble is, my teeth never came near the spoon. The sound she heard came from my jaw popping. My jaw now dislocates constantly. I can't eat pizza or french bread, or even sing, without it locking. I wake up several times each night having to relocate my jaw. There is no pain just a jaw that can't seem to function normally. Brux guards do nothing. In fact, the only thing that seems to keep my jaw from popping and sticking is applying pressure to the left TMJ. I have to sleep these days with a hard pillow pressing against the joint, or it pops out constantly. It's clear that something is keeping my jaw from aligning properly, but no one seems to be able to help me fix it.- Name withheld.


Case Study # 2: TMJ Patient Constantly Swallowing Saliva


I never clench or grind my teeth but I am constantly doing it now. The side of my face in front of my ear feels swollen, as does that side of my neck and the ear itself. My neck and shoulders ache, and I am constantly swallowing saliva. The back of my neck hurts. My ear rings and kind of feels numb at times. The predominant symptom I have is the neck pain. Even the bone in back of my last tooth feels bad.- Name withheld.


Case Study # 3: TMJ Patient Whose Jaw Clicking Noise Can Be Heard 5 Feet Away


I have had joint pain and severe popping and cracking in my right jaw for 20 years. I am now 35. I have tried all the recommended treatments and have had very little success (braces, night guards etc.). I experience headaches, ear fullness and pain, facial pain in front of my ear, extreme pain when opening my mouth wide to yawn or laugh or eat followed by cracking (that can be heard up to 5 feet away) and dislocation.


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