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Types Of Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding And Clenching

Teeth grinding habits are referred to as Bruxism in medical terminology. Bruxism is an oral condition characterised by teeth grinding and (or) teeth clenching; this condition is present usually as a nocturnal habit but it is also known to be present as a diurnal habit as well. Being multi factorial in nature, teeth grinding causes are not easy to establish and therefore most teeth grinding solutions are sought in drugs and devices that are currently available to manage the condition.


Teeth grinding and mouth guards


Mouth guards are bite pads that are meant for use between the upper and lower teeth to minimize the damage that the teeth grinding motions can inflict on the teeth. Teeth grinding can lead to severe wear and tear of teeth leading to teeth loss as well as other related dental and jaw (as well as a few other) dysfunctions.


Mouth guards are also called night guards since they are mostly required during the sleep times at night. Day time use of mouth guards are also known for cases where the teeth grinding habit is persistent through the day. Mouth guards come in the following most commonly available types:


  • Custom made mouth guards – of all types of mouth guards, the custom made mouth guards are the best in terms of attaining a good fit and better comfort levels while wearing the device. These mouth guards are made of high quality material that is moulded to an individual’s requirement. 
  • Boil and bite mouth guards – this type of mouth guards are made of special thermoplastic material and can be said to be of a custom fit variety only to a certain extent. They are typically available in heat resistant materials that can be softened by boiling and then used between the teeth so as to allow the softened mouth guard to take the shape of an individual’s teeth pattern.
  • Stock mouth guards – these mouth guards are available off the counter and ready for use by anyone seeking a mouth guard. Such types of mouth guards are usually available only in the standard sizes of large, medium and small and how well they fit the user can never be fully guaranteed on purchase.


It is essential to keep in mind that mouth guards are not a solution to teeth grinding. These devices are only damage control methods. For a truly long lasting solution to teeth grinding, one has to get an examination to identify the root cause of the problem and initiate holistic treatment measures thereafter.

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