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Topamax And Teeth Grinding: The SECRET Uncovered

Topamax is a brand name for the drug Topiramate and its use has been associated with the occurrence of the oral condition of teeth grinding. To fully understand this relation, one needs to acquire an understanding of teeth grinding as well the usage of the drug Topamax.


Teeth grinding and its causes


‘Teeth grinding’ as an oral condition is commonly found in many people usually as a simple and harmless habit. However, sometimes, especially if there is a more serious clinical cause for the condition to exist, the teeth grinding habit can quickly digress into a chronic condition that can potentially cause a lot of damage.


The forceful motions of teeth grinding and (or) teeth clenching is known to be triggered by several causes – ranging from stress and anxiety, an injury, an ear infection, a jaw problem or a upper spinal column dysfunction, to allergies, drug interactions and side effects of medications.


The usage of the drug Topamax


Topamax is an anti convulsion drug that is typically used to treat epilepsy in children as well as adults. Its usage extends to any of the disorders associated with seizures (or developmental delays especially in children, or even for infantile spasms). Many times this drug Topamax is also used as an anti depressant – it has also been used to treat patients of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Sometimes Topamax is also prescribed to treat migraines. Apart from these usages this supposedly versatile drug is also used for several off label treatments and is used in some clinical trials for other potential treatments.


The relation of Topamax and teeth grinding


On examination of several teeth grinding instances it has been revealed that drug interaction or side effects of medications are common causal factors leading to this oral condition. Usually in all such cases where drug induced teeth grinding has been established, cessation of the specific drug is enough to treat the teeth grinding condition as well.


The drug Topamax is known to potentially cause various side effects and drug interactions and can lead to other health complications unrelated to the primary pathological condition. Amongst the acknowledged side effects of Topamax are cognitive complications involving speech trouble and memory loss or even feelings of grogginess and disorientation. Often an individual undergoing these symptoms also experience teeth grinding or will indulge in teeth grinding without being aware of the oral problem. 


Topamax induced ‘teeth grinding’ has to be immediately brought to the attention of a physician.

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