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Common Teeth Grinding Symptoms: UNCOVERED

Teeth grinding is an oral condition that afflicts hundreds of people in a more benign form. However many times teeth grinding can transform into a chronic condition that can go on to cause severe damage to teeth as well as initiate other subsequent health problems. In order to arrest the damage caused by teeth grinding it is essential that the symptoms of teeth grinding are recognised and damage control measures taken up immediately. The following is a list of some of the more common symptoms of the teeth grinding condition.

Common symptoms of teeth grinding:

  • Wear and tear of teeth wherein the edges of the teeth especially the front teeth will be worn down with the constant grinding and will take on an eroded look.
  • Minor fractures can develop over time and lead to chipping and breakage of teeth
  • Wear and tear of teeth can cause teeth sensitivity to occur and a person with Bruxism problem will typically develop intolerance to cold.
  • Many times cracks appear on teeth that proceed deep into the roots and facilitate the rapid progress of tooth decay
  • The constant grinding and clenching motions of Bruxism often leads to loose teeth which can eventually fall off
  • In many cases the teeth grinding motions will grind teeth down to the stumps
  • Severe teeth grinding can also affect gums in many ways and cause receding gum lines and encourage inset of periodontal diseases.
  • The teeth grinding and teeth clenching motions also end up exerting extreme pressure on the jaw bone and often leads to deformation of the supporting bone mass of teeth
  • The extreme pressure exerted by teeth grinding on the masticatory muscles causes facial problems. The cheek muscle can exhibit severe tension and pain and can cause damage to the insides of cheek as well
  • Teeth grinding is also associated with symptoms of headaches and migraines
  • Sometimes cervical pain accompanies chronic teeth grinding conditions
  • Insomnia is a common symptom of individuals with teeth grinding habits constant nocturnal grinding of teeth results in disturbed sleep patterns and often leads to associated stress and depression.

Teeth grinding is a multifactorial condition with many health related causal triggers. The symptoms of teeth grinding are therefore of varied nature, depending on the triggers of the condition. Many times it is difficult to pin point the exact cause of the condition without a proper examination.

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