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Teeth Grinding Night Guard:
Fact Or Fiction

Teeth grinding and night guards are often the most commonly associated remedy for Bruxism. Bruxism is the oral condition that involves teeth grinding and (or) teeth clenching. This habit is mostly present during sleep times at night, but is also present sometimes as a diurnal habit that is carried on during the day times as well.

While day time teeth grinding is comparatively easy to detect and take corrective measures for, it is the night time teeth grinding habit that is the more difficult to deal with.


Night time teeth grinding habit


Night time teeth grinding involves specifically those cases that are solely nocturnal and is not visible during the day times. This condition is often left undetected unless someone else notices the condition. Many times night time ‘teeth grinding’ is only diagnosed after much damage to teeth has set in.


Since night time teeth grinding goes by unnoticed, the condition can end up causing severe damage to teeth resulting in teeth loss and other associated problems.


The necessity of night guard for teeth grinding cases


The intension of protecting teeth from the intense wear and tear that teeth grinding can cause is what necessitates the use of some device to minimize the damage. When teeth grinding persists as a chronic case it usually leads to early symptoms of damage to teeth in the form of increased sensitivity of teeth and pain on the sides of face and jaw.


An examination by a specialist can verify the existence of teeth grinding at night when a clear identification is not easily available. Usually a night guard or a mouth guard is prescribed as a damage control method to manage the teeth grinding habit.


Things to keep in mind when trying on night guards


  • Night guards are basically mouth guards in the form of a bite pad that is for use during sleep times at night. They are made of high grade material and may come in different types.
  • This device works by creating a barrier between the upper and lower teeth so that the eroding effects of the teeth grinding can be taken on by the night guard instead of the teeth themselves.
  • Although night guards are readily available in the market, it is advisable to go in for well fitted ones only.
  • Night guards are not the solution to teeth grinding. They are only devices of damage control. 

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