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Teeth Grinding At Night:
Get The Truth Behind The Condition

‘Teeth grinding’ at night is a common habit that inflicts hundreds of people. The oral habit or condition of teeth grinding is referred to in medical terminology as Bruxism. Although commonly prevalent as night time Bruxism, teeth grinding can be a diurnal occurrence too – where the habit persists through the day times as well.


The difference between day time Bruxism and teeth grinding at night:


Apart from the most obvious difference between the two as far as the time period when this habit is mostly prevalent is concerned, there is another more serious difference between the two that in fact contains in it many more consequences with several underlying elements of severity of the condition and the nature of treatment to be undertaken.


  • Night time teeth grinding can go unnoticed in a lot of cases while day time teeth grinding is immediately brought to attention
  • Night time teeth grinding therefore is the more potentially damaging of the two
  • In several cases, the damage of night time teeth grinding is treated as another dental condition because of incorrect diagnosis and is therefore very rarely resolved on a permanent basis
  • Teeth grinding at night also leads to many associated condition such as sleeplessness or disturbed sleep patterns
  • Teeth grinding at night can lead to the development of severe pain in the sides of the face, neck or the shoulder regions.
  • Night time teeth grinding can cause disorder of the jaw joint alignment or upper spinal cord dysfunctions
  • Severe wear and tear of teeth is a symptom of night time teeth grinding
  • Teeth grinding at night can lead to a cycle of stress that adds to the habit of Bruxism

Causes and treatment of teeth grinding at night


The causes of teeth grinding at night can be many – mal alignment of teeth, stress and anxiety, jaw problems, ear disorders, abdominal problems or even a temporary phenomenon that works itself out with time.


In order to correctly identify the root causes of the teeth grinding habit, an examination by a physician is required. Since teeth grinding is a multifactorial condition, the right diagnosis is half the battle won as far as a treatment for the condition is concerned.


An early diagnosis is immensely helpful in averting the damage that this condition can inflict if left unattended. Holistic methods of treatment contain the maximum chances of a long lasting cure.


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