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What Are The Dangers
of Stump Grinding Teeth?

Stump grinding teeth is an instance of intense and chronic Bruxism where the teeth grinding motions are so severe as to wear down teeth to its stumps.


Teeth grinding symptoms


Teeth grinding is a typical symptom of the oral condition of Bruxism. The extent of teeth grinding and (or) teeth clenching can vary widely from person to person, depending on the nature of Bruxism and its causal factors. While a lot of teeth grinding is a mild habit and passes off after a temporary phase, Bruxism can also be a long lasting condition and in most such circumstances, the teeth grinding actions can cause a lot of damage to teeth as well as go on to cause other health complications.


Causes of stump teeth grinding


The causes of the kind of teeth grinding that wears down teeth to its stumps can be difficult to pin point and usually requires an examination by a specialist to identify the root cause or causes. In most cases, the causes can be more than one. Teeth grinding has been found to be multifactorial in nature. Some of the more common causes of teeth grinding are


  • Mal alignment of teeth
  • Stress and anxiety related factors
  • Side effects of medications (especially some anti depressants)
  • Jaw joint or upper spinal cord dysfunctions
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Abdominal disorders

The wide variance in the causal factors of teeth grinding makes it extremely difficult to zoom in on the real trigger of the teeth grinding condition. Additionally, most teeth grinding motions take place during the sleep times at night (although teeth grinding can coexist as a day time habit as well). This aspect of teeth grinding makes it difficult for many to realize the existence of the potentially damaging condition. Many have lived through teeth grinding for years (without being aware of its existence) resulting in severe damage to teeth.


The most common of such cases of teeth grinding that becomes chronic are intense wear and tear of teeth wherein the teeth actually fall off or are eroded completely down to the stumps.


Chronic cases of teeth grinding are best tackled at the early stages with holistic methods of healing the habit and the root causes of the problem. There are effective methods of verifying the existence of teeth grinding and the mere suspicion of the condition should be enough to undertake an examination and prompt treatment.


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