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What Exactly Does Sleep Bruxism Clenching Mean?

The oral condition of teeth grinding and (or) teeth clenching is typically characterised by sleep Bruxism clenching. Bruxism is the medical term used for the habit of teeth grinding. Teeth grinding or Bruxism can be caused by several health factors. Sometimes the condition / habit resolves itself as and when the primary cause gets sorted out.

Bruxism symptoms

The most typical manner in which Bruxism symptoms manifests are the motions of teeth grinding, wherein the individual slides their teeth in a back and forth motion over each other. Another manner of Bruxism motion involves locking the top and bottom teeth together in a tight hold referred to as clenching.

In many childhood cases of Bruxism, the condition is outgrown as a child grows older. In many other cases though, Bruxism persists for a long duration spanning many years and goes on to cause severe damage to teeth and establishes grounds for other related health concerns.

Teeth clenching during sleep

Teeth clenching during sleep times at night is a common occurrence and Bruxism is usually found to be present in this form in hundreds of cases. There are several aspects to this form of Bruxism. Some of the most commonly associated factors of sleep time teeth clenching are as under:

  • Sleep time teeth clenching motions can exist without an individual being aware of the potentially damaging condition
  • Sleep time teeth clenching is therefore harder to control and more difficult to identify
  • Causes of sleep related teeth clenching is not very easy to establish and often requires several visits to the physician to clearly ascertain the condition
  • Many personal health related issues as well as other outside factors can lead to sleep time teeth clenching
  • Very often Bruxism has been found to be a mix of many factors leading to the condition
  • Sleep time teeth clenching habits are commonly associated with facial muscle pain (because of the constant clenching and resultant tension in the muscles involved) people suffering from this condition usually wakes up from sleep with acute pain in their face, jaws or neck regions

The following regime can be tried out if sleep time Bruxism is suspected:

In the first place an examination to verify the condition and its causes is necessary at the hands of a specialist

Secondly, some simple self help measures can be initiated to deal with the problem. These include holistic and multidisciplinary measures to get back good health and stay healthy for a long time.

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