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Scared Of Teeth Grinding
And Don't Know What To Do?

The common habit or oral condition of teeth grinding leaves many scared of teeth grinding simply because the condition although widespread is difficult to understand or indeed, diagnose.

The habit of teeth grinding involves tightly clenching the upper and lower sets of teeth and moving them in a deliberate forward and backward motion while in the tight clench. This habit is often seen to be prevalent in small children under the age of six. Mostly teeth grinding is present as a harmless habit that passes with age and time. However, sometimes when there is a possibility that the teeth grinding is caused by a pathological factor or a larger issue of health, it needs to be examined and treated with care.

Why teeth grinding can be scary

Teeth grinding can sometimes be intense enough to cause enough scare and disorientation in individuals. Initial symptoms that teeth grinding exhibits can easily be mistaken for unexplained causes for the headaches and pain that a teeth grinder often wakes up to. Unless the damage caused by teeth grinding is of a more severe nature such as obvious wear and tear of teeth leading to teeth loss, teeth grinding as a nocturnal condition can be hidden and yet carry on to cause immense discomfort and pain.

In the instance of a teeth grinder being aware of his or her teeth grinding condition (usually because of its severe nature), it can cause immense stress and anxiety about sleep time routine. Chronic teeth grinding usually causes sleeplessness and the constant state of insomnia can be extremely daunting for a person suffering from the consequences of teeth grinding. On several occasions teeth grinding is disturbing enough to awaken a person from sleep in a state of tension. This by itself may seem scary enough to deter a teeth grinder from going to sleep peacefully.

How a cycle of scare and stress intensifies teeth grinding

Whether an individualís teeth grinding is a simple temporary habit or an organic condition, the stress and anxiety that sets in as a result of sleeplessness and other associated discomfort can produce a cycle of cause and effect that can hugely intensify the teeth grinding problem.

Most cases of chronic teeth grinding is stress induced and unless the correct relaxation techniques are initiated, it is difficult to resolve the problem. It is recommended that the teeth grinding causal factors are established through proper examinations and holistic measures adopted to treat teeth grinding.

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