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People who go through temporomandibular joint disorder or the TMJ syndrome usually suffer from many symptoms that include difficulty in opening and closing the mouth, i.e. the jaws, clicking or popping sound during that operation, headache, facial pain (myofascial pain syndrome), tinnitus (hearing weird sounds in the ears) as also dizziness in more than a few cases. For many people, the dizziness becomes quite acute, and in them, this naturally becomes a serious issue that has to be resolved fast.


TMJ – What Are the Causes And Why The Dizziness Happens?


Even though there are several theories explaining the underlying causes of this peculiar phenomenon, one thing is sure, and this is that it originates in the middle ear where the body’s balancing system comes from. Nevertheless, in order to get the right TMJ cure, it may be prudent to analyze some of the causes that create dizziness which are given below.


Temporomandibular joint disorder invariably results in inflammation in the surrounding muscles, ligament and tendons which in turn affects the neighboring middle year, which apart from having the auditory nerve also has the vestibular nerve that are responsible for maintaining balance in human beings. When this nerve gets disturbed or become pressurized, it creates imbalance or dizziness.


Another theory proclaims that the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle (SCM) which is also responsible for maintaining balance in human beings can go haywire due to the TMJ disorder, thus producing dizziness and allied problems.


However, the most convincing theory puts the blame on a ligament (that is also called Pinto’s Ligament). This ligament is connected in one end with the TMJ, and at the other end it is attached to a fine bone in the middle portion of the ear, and this is what causes the ear-related problems such as tinnitus, loss of hearing and dizziness as has been propounded by Harold Arlan, MD., Assistant Clinical Professor of Otolaryngology Surgery at the College of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey.


Since dizziness evidently appears to culminate from a number of issues that include temporomandibular bone decay, misaligned bite and their combined effect on the inner ear, the remedy should obviously come through some of the following courses. However, once the bite is set right, all other issues would disappear forthwith.


  • Coronoplasty
  • Provisional or Interim Treatment LVI   Orthotic
  • Total Dental Reconstruction
  • Surgery
  • TMJ exercises
  • Dietary supplements containing anti-oxidant vitamins like A, C, E, Zinc and
  • Selenium


Coronoplasty, incidentally, is a minor process in which the dentist after checking the bite problem grinds off any high spot that appears to interfere with the bite. This permits the teeth to come into appropriate occlusion and the bite becomes perfect.


Provisional or Interim Treatment LVI Orthotic is also a simple process in which the dentist determines the position of the neuromuscular occlusion and then sets an orthotic which is custom fitted on to the teeth. Owever, this is an interim measure to see that the diagnosed new bite pattern is correct or not. Once this proves satisfactory, steps are taken to align the jaws on a permanent basis.


For total dental reconstruction (sometimes called Full-mouth reconstruction), the teeth are ground down almost to their base and ‘Caps’ or ‘Crowns’ are fitted on to what is left of the natural teeth in order to ensure that the bite is perfect. It may be relevant to note here that neuromuscular dentists seldom consider the habitual bite as model since the basic problem could have been caused due to a defective habitual bite and reconstructing the ‘new’ bite could prove hazardous to the patient.


TMJ surgery involves opening out the joint and replacing the displaced disc. Sometimes decayed bone sections are ‘repaired’ to conform to a perfect bite. However, TMJ surgery is applied only as a last resort since patients usually complain of nagging pain in the region long after the wounds have healed. And it also needs to be remembered that you must never seek TMJ relief through surgery without first consulting your physician.


TMJ exercises, on the other hand, prove successful in relieving the symptoms of the TMJ disorder to a great extent. In fact, these drills have been planned in such a way that the muscles linked to the joint are fully toned up, thus making it easy for the jaws to function smoothly as also ensuring a satisfactory bite. Apart from this, dietary supplements are also recommended to rejuvenate the joint that have others\wise become.


Permanent Remedy For TMJ Dizziness


Did you know that most TMJ treatment options fail to provide a permanent remedy from the problems of the disease, including the dizziness? Actually what happens is that, most TMJ cures just treats the symptoms and not the real causes that can happen from many factors. On the contrary, what is needed to find the causes first so that they can all be treated. And naturally, once the causes are all gone, the symptoms have no business to stick around. They go away quickly too. Holistic remedies do just this. Treating the body as a whole, they treat the real causes and not the symptoms, and this is why holistic remedies can offer permanent TMJ cure.

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