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Relief of TMJ Symptoms: What to Do?

Temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorder symptoms are many some of them are quite oppressive while a few are absolutely devastating. There are instances when a TMJ sufferer is so scared to open his/her mouth that the person has almost starved himself/herself to death. TMJ related migraine have turned many people crazy who get addicted to harmful pain-killers. However, TMJ relief is not altogether impossible and may be attained in several ways through self-care, professional treatment, neuromuscular dentistry and chiropractic treatment protocol. But it needs to be mentioned here that, in most cases the relief from the TMJ syndrome is permanent as most treatments just treat the symptoms and not the root causes. And because of this, TMJ becomes chronic in nature.


TMJ Self-Care Relief


  1. Self-care is possible through some exercises to relieve TMJ symptoms. These natural exercises for TMJ may help.


    • Make your tongue reach the soft palate (roof of the mouth), open your mouth as much as possible, breathe in slowly for ten seconds. Bring the tongue back to normal position, wait for a few seconds and then repeat it ten times.
    • Hold your arm fast, make a fist, press it against the bottom of the chin and then try to open your mouth. This will result in the development of isometric energy which will relax the lower jaw, thus providing relief. Each episode of this exercise should take not take more than ten seconds after which there will be a break and further continuation.
    • Make a fist with your left hand, press it against the left temporomandibular joint just below the left ear and hold it firmly there for ten seconds. Release it to repeat the performance with the right temporomanidibular joint in the same way. The isometric energy her will help relax the jaw muscles to bring relief.
    • Use both arms (index finger only) to press against both sides of the jaw joint and then open and close the mouth slowly. However, abandon the exercise if you hear the typical clicking sound. In that case, do it afresh after a break.
    • Hold your chin firmly with your thumb and forefinger and then try to push it in and out unless it becomes painful. Otherwise, this exercise will make the jaw movement very smooth.


  1. Perform acupressure at home which will bring relief from the symptoms of TMJ disorders. This is quite a safe method as it does not involve puncturing the skin with acupuncture needles. However, you need the help of an acupuncturist who may teach you the procedure in a simple yet effective way. Apply a firm pressure at the Hegu Point (which the acupuncturist will indicate) that is located between the thumb and the forefinger on both hands.


Relief Of TMJ Symptoms Through Professional Treatment


Professional treatment for TMJ includes orthodontic treatment procedures which should preferably be reversible in nature. Similarly, if mandibular repositioning is required to be done, it should also be reversible type. Of course, dentists may correct misalignment of jaws by adjusting the crowns or bridges to effect relief.


Doctors also prescribe minerals like Calcium and Magnesium that can restore the functioning of TMJ muscles which are primarily responsible for TMJ related pain. Anti-oxidant vitamins like A, C. E, Zinc and Selenium also protect and rebuild damaged cartilages like the disc in the TMJ which plays a significant role in proper TMJ functioning. However, these treatment modes are rather transitory in nature.


Relief Of TMJ Symptoms Through Neuromuscular Dentistry


Relief of TMJ symptoms can be more enduring if the issue is taken up at the root level. Most TMJ symptoms arise out of misaligned jaw and uneven bite. If that is realigned and set right, the symptoms will go away. This can be best achieved by neuromuscular dentists who are adept in manipulating the muscles, ligaments and nerves that are associated to the temporomandibular joint, and they can set the bite right.


Relief Of TMJ Symptoms Through Chiropractic Method Of Treatment


Relief of TMJ symptoms can also be possible if the treatment is carried out through chiropractic techniques, popularly known as the Activator Method which does not involve use of any drug or surgery. It consists of a hand-held device that provides corrective TMJ treatment in 2.4 mille-seconds or even lesser.


Even though Chiropatric treatment protocol is known to be effective in spinal realignment and associated relocations, some chiropractic clinicians have already started working with other body structures including temporomandibular joints, recreating faulty biomechanics so that the jaws can be realigned and bites corrected.


TMJ Treatment What Really Works?


Though there are quite a few treatment options, but the fact is, most of them do not provide lasting relief because they treat just the symptoms and not the root causes of the disorder. And because of this, though the symptoms may go away, but since the root causes remain within the body, these symptoms often come back soon. What really work for TMJ are holistic remedies, which go deep within the body and treats it as a whole to identify all the root causes. Once they are identified and treated, the symptoms go away permanently the person is thus able to experience lasting TMJ relief.

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