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Prevention of teeth grinding at night can be best appreciated with a clear understanding of this oral habit or condition of Bruxism as it is defined in medical terms.

The nature and symptoms of teeth grinding

Teeth grinding occurs as an oral habit that manifests in tightly clenching the upper and lower teeth and sliding them in a forward and backward motion while tightly clenched. This type of teeth grinding usually occurs at night (but it can be a diurnal condition as well) and can potentially cause a lot of damage to teeth, gums, jaw joint and lead to other associated health conditions subsequently.

Most cases of teeth grinding exhibits symptoms in the form of severe wear and tear of teeth, fractures of teeth, teeth loss, jaw joint or upper spinal column dysfunction etc. While stress is accepted as one of the major contributors of teeth grinding habit, there may be other organic causes related to another health condition as well.

How to prevent teeth grinding

  • One of the best ways of preventing teeth grinding is to ensure that one goes to bed stress free and relaxed. For high strung people and others under a lot of stress, relaxation therapy and exercises can be practiced. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent night time Bruxism.
  • Other durable ways to prevent teeth grinding is to maintain an overall good health and undertake holistic manners of staying fit and adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • There are other methods of preventing teeth grinding through the adoption of various steps and devices to manage the habit. This includes devices such as splints and mouth guards to prevent damage to teeth; biofeedback devices to control teeth grinding at night; orthodontic adjustments to change bite patterns;
  • Since teeth grinding at night is also a result of side effects of some types of medication, taking a lot of care to avoid self medication or buying over the counter drugs to undertake random treatment or preventive action goes a long way to avert the occurrence of Bruxism as well as many other health complications.

Treatment of Bruxism is most effective when carried out after consultations and examinations by a specialist. This is because the oral condition of teeth grinding is a multifactorial condition that can be brought on by several causes. Unless a treatment targets the root cause of the teeth grinding, positive results will remain elusive.

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