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Teeth grinding is an oral habit that involves clenching and grinding of teeth during sleep times at night or carried out diurnally as a compulsive habit. While day time teeth grinding is easy to identify as a problem and fairly straightforward to undertake corrective measures, prevention of night time teeth grinding on the other hand is that simple.


The ambiguity of identifying teeth grinding at night


Teeth grinding at night is far more difficult to identify than day time teeth grinding because it is often hard to identify something that an individual indulges in during sleep unless there is someone else to point out the problem (similar to snoring).


In several instances it has been observed that a teeth grinder will grind teeth to the stumps by the time the root cause of the problem is understood. Even cases of damage to teeth enamel and cracks or fractures on teeth often get treated as something else while the root problem of teeth grinding is overlooked.


Typical symptoms of teeth grinding at night


There are a few common signs that can indicate the presence of teeth grinding at night. For example, waking up from sleep with a headache or migraine can be one. Night time teeth grinding also causes severe (in some cases) facial pain which can be muscular, jaw joint pain or even a nerve problem, induced by the night time teeth grinding.


The above symptoms are of course in no way indicative of only teeth grinding. These symptoms can be indicative of other health issues as well. Teeth loss or erosion while has several other causal factors, it is usually a common sign indicating teeth grinding during the sleep times medically categorized as Bruxism.


In recent times there has been sufficient progress in medical sciences to provide for more accurate ways of identifying teeth grinding at night through devices that monitor sleep patterns and associated activity during sleep times. Such techniques can be used to identify the existence of teeth grinding if identifying it is a problem.


Options to deal with teeth grinding at night


When damage to teeth is severe as a result of teeth grinding at night, a specialist will normally prescribe some form of coping device to initiate damage control. However, such measures are only ways to manage the teeth grinding problem and not solutions to the problem itself. Holistic measures are called for to effectively treat this condition. 

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