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Osteopathy Teeth Grinding:
Is There A Relation?

Osteopathy and teeth grinding have a causal relationship in terms of the possibility that osteopathic conditions can contribute to the occurrence of teeth grinding habits. Osteopathy is the system of medical practice that believes that bone mal alignments are the root causes of many health conditions. According to the osteopathic form of offering treatment, corrections of the core mal alignment are capable of providing the solution to many diseases and ill health issues.


Teeth grinding and osteopathy


Teeth grinding is an oral condition that is considered multifactorial and therefore osteopathy is not the only answer to the habit of teeth grinding. However, in several cases, it has been brought to light that a mal alignment of teeth can cause an individual to indulge in teeth grinding and (or) teeth clenching as a reaction to the mal alignment of teeth – as an unconscious habit, usually carried on during sleep times at night.


Teeth grinding has been known to be triggered when an individual’s upper and lower teeth do not close in the correct manner. This occlusion dysfunction causes teeth clenching and teeth grinding.


In instances where teeth occlusion problem is established, osteopathic corrections are known to offer a solution to the teeth grinding condition. This usually requires consultations with a specialist who is well versed in dealing with cases of Bruxism – as the medical term for teeth grinding goes.


Issues involved in osteopathy and teeth grinding


However care needs to be taken to verify that the teeth grinding condition is indeed caused by a mal alignment and not any other factor. Before undertaking any corrective measures that might involve a forced realignment or even a surgical step, it is advisable to arrive at a correct diagnosis and perhaps undertake other holistic measures to deal with the teeth grinding condition.


Holistic methods of treating teeth grinding involves attention to stress factors, life style, daily routine, diet and the right exercises to reverse the teeth grinding condition.  If an organic or osteopathic causal factor is not established through examinations, usually such holistic and multi disciplinary steps are by themselves sufficient to treat teeth grinding.


Additionally, treatment of teeth grinding with osteopathy where required, needs to be followed up with holistic measures that involve self help methods to ensure that the teeth grinding ‘habit’ is permanently treated along with the necessary corrections to bone or teeth alignment. Through all this the importance of correct diagnosis and early treatment needs to be kept in mind.

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