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Night Teeth Grinding? Food Allergies A Reason?

‘Teeth grinding’ at night is a very common habit that hundreds of people have. Although this oral habit / condition is a well known condition inducing several consequent health problems (in the chronic cases), it is often difficult to establish a single causal factor for the condition to persist. Of the many known causes for teeth grinding at night, food allergies are accepted as a probable cause.


Food Allergies


An allergy can be described as a hypersensitivity that arises because of exposure to any allergen or antigen. This kind of hypersensitivity results in an increased reactivity to the particular allergen. Sometimes, this type of allergies can lead to harmful consequences.


An allergy can be induced by many naturally present substances apart from the artificial man made substances that are amply available today in almost everything. Of such nature present substances, any type of food, pollen or other agents carried by winds can trigger an allergy.


An allergic reaction to any substance can result in many different types of manifestation. These can include inflammation of nasal mucous membranes, sneezing, itching, running nose, burning sensation in throat, swelling, difficulty in breathing, lung mal function, teeth grinding at night and other such symptoms. Allergies are also known to trigger irritation and headaches etc that can cause disturbed state of mind. It is not unusual to find that an existing health issue further complicates the allergic symptoms.


Food allergies and night time teeth grinding


Teeth grinding and (or) teeth clenching is an oral condition that is exhibited in a forcible clenching and grinding of the upper and lower teeth. Although this condition can exist diurnally, teeth grinding is more often exhibited as a night time occurrence. Amongst the many accepted causes of night time teeth grinding stress and anxiety is accepted as one of the most common factors. Hidden food allergies are also considered contributory factors to the existence of night time teeth grinding. Food allergy needs to be investigated at the individual level because every individual body reacts uniquely to even the common foods that we eat every day.


Food allergies that manifest in night time teeth grinding can persist for long durations without the individual’s awareness about the existence of a problem - unless someone else is able to point it out. Although many times ‘teeth grinding’ can be a passing and temporary occurrence, this condition can exist as a chronic condition that requires serious examinations and diagnosis by a specialist, and holistic treatment thereafter.

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