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Is Night Guard For Teeth Grinding
REALLY Effective?

Night guard for teeth grinding is one of the many coping techniques to deal with teeth grinding and (or) teeth clenching. In medical terminology this condition goes by the name of Bruxism. Since teeth grinding as a condition is not limited to dental complications per say, teeth grinding falls in the realm of wider clinical evaluations and treatments. The symptoms of teeth grinding and the treatments thereof are many and is dependent on the exact nature of the teeth grinding condition or habit as the case may be.

What are night guards for teeth grinding?

Night guards for teeth grinding are basically devices that prevent the teeth from coming into contact with each other and thereby minimizing the damage caused to teeth. Such devices come in various form of splints and bite pads that in effect take on the abrasive results of the teeth grinding motions and leave the teeth themselves safe from the possible wear and tear of teeth grinding.

Night guard devices come in many types and the best way to go about getting one is only after a thorough examination by a specialist. An ill fitting night guard can cause further complications. It is important to take care of comfort and safety while deciding on a night guard.

Are night guards for teeth grinding the only solution to Bruxism?

Night guards for teeth grinding are in fact not a solution at all to the problem of Bruxism. Teeth grinding is a multifactorial condition that has several causal factors. The severity of the condition depends on the nature of the teeth grinding and its intensity. The most common damage caused by teeth grinding is the eventual wear and tear of teeth.

Many times teeth grinding that persists over a long duration will erode teeth down to such a degree as to expose the pulp within. Sometimes cracks appear on the teeth and if not checked immediately can lead to irreparable fractures and infections.

For conditions such as these where the wear and tear of teeth has or can potentially cause severe damage to teeth, night guards are prescribed as damage control methods intended to minimize the harm that teeth grinding can cause to the teeth. Night guards are therefore not the solution or treatment for teeth grinding. For a long term solution to the problem of teeth grinding, one needs to undertake a multi disciplinary and holistic approach to treat the root causes of the condition.

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