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Medications That Prevent Bruxism:
Read The SAD Truth!

Because of the nonspecific nature of the condition (of Bruxism), medications that prevent Bruxism are rarely hundred percent accurate in its objectives (and results thereof). Bruxism is an oral condition that involves clenching and grinding of teeth. The condition is usually nocturnal, but can be a diurnal condition as well. The extent of teeth grinding can be very different in different people and therefore the extent of damage caused as a result of the teeth grinding also varies widely.


A lot of times childhood Bruxism gets resolved by itself and often the condition is not as serious as to require any medical attention at all. However, if damage to teeth is suspected because of Bruxism, a physician’s / dental examination is recommended and preventive action can be started. While most these preventive measures exist in the form of self help steps, an overly agitated individual might look for some medications that prevents Bruxism, instead of adopting the more reliable self help methods.


Can medications help prevent Bruxism?


Medications cannot help prevent the occurrence of Bruxism for the simple reason that Bruxism is not an acute medical illness per say. There can be no vaccine like solution for a condition that is more like a bad habit involving a complex neuromuscular activity.


Medications, at best, can only offer relief from the effects of Bruxism that is sustained over a long period of time and has caused damage to teeth.


Other kinds of medications that are sometimes prescribed to take care of or prevent Bruxism might include drugs that aid peaceful sleep, anti allergic or calming drugs.


Unless the root cause of Bruxism is established, it is extremely difficult to identify a single medication that can prevent the occurrence of teeth grinding.


Drug therapy is one of the several ways that is used to treat the condition of Bruxism. The results however are not always dependable. There exists other ways of dealing with Bruxism teeth grinding – mostly, a physician might prescribe a way out depending on the nature of the Bruxism symptoms and its severity. 


The only reasonably trustworthy manner of dealing with or preventing Bruxism is to investigate the real causes of the problem and thereafter to adopt a multi disciplinary and holistic approach to keep the various multifactorial causes away as much as possible. As with most factors of ill health, taking care of your individual fitness through proper diet and exercise can prevent several medical conditions including Bruxism.  

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