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What Are The BEST Jaw Exercises For TMJ?

Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction (TMJ) is a disorder of the jaw joint that lies at the base of the jaw. The temporomandibular joint in effect enables a person to perform some of the most basic activities like chewing, speaking, swallowing and yawning.


A typical dysfunction of this joint can occur because of a displacement of the disc located at this joint, a mal alignment of the jaw joint due to several reasons, an injury related complication, an inflammation in the surrounding muscles, or it could even be a result of a damaging chronic habit such as teeth grinding or teeth clenching.


Symptoms of TMJ disorder


Any type of dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint can be exhibited by the body in any of the following symptoms:


  • Headaches (or migraines)
  • Pain in the facial regions
  • Muscle disorder
  • Teeth grinding
  • Inability to open or close the mouth in the normal manner
  • Audibility of clicking or popping sounds when the jaw joint is moved
  • Pain in the neck and upper spinal column regions
  • Difficulty in chewing and swallowing
  • Inability to stretch the mouth wide for example to yawn
  • Experience of pain while speaking at a stretch


Relief from TMJ symptoms


While there are several ways that people seek to gain relief from TMJ associated pain and other discomfort, there are more fundamental ways that one can go about treating the TMJ condition and acquire long term relief. TMJ symptom relief can be acquired from the following options:


  • Correct relaxation techniques to reduce tension in the temporomandibular joint regions and the muscles surrounding it. This is effective especially when done frequently and prior to sleep times.
  • Jaw exercises that provide the necessary stretching and strengthening movements for improving the functionality of the temporal and mandible bones and the temporomandibular jaw joint (as well as the muscles that cover the jaw). These specific sets of facial exercises are extremely beneficial for TMJ symptom relief
  • Other than these, one may follow several holistic measures for a general life style reorientation that more fruitfully geared towards healthy living and stronger immunity levels

Many take recourse to medications and surgeries to tackle the immediate discomforts of TMJ symptoms. However such options should be only used as last resort options and not the first thing that one does to manage the TMJ symptoms. Drugs and surgeries can potentially complicate a TMJ condition further. Usually an early diagnosis after prompt examinations will take care of all TMJ symptoms through holistic self help means alone.

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