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How To Stop Grinding Teeth
The Most Effective Way

Teeth grinding is a common oral condition that afflicts hundreds of people (including children). Many of these eventually end up spending precious time and expenditure looking for ways to stop grinding teeth. A clear perspective of teeth grinding will reveal that a remedy for teeth grinding usually involves some simple steps.


What is ‘Teeth Grinding’?


Teeth grinding is an oral condition where an individual indulges in a forceful teeth grinding motion in the form of a habit – usually a temporary and harmless kind, but one that can digress into a chronic condition if there is a more serious pathological cause for the condition to be present.


Teeth grinding is a multifactorial issue. There are many causal factors that are considered triggers for the teeth grinding habit to be present. Diagnosis of teeth grinding causal factors is therefore often a difficult task. One would need to get an examination done through a specialist (who is well versed in dealing with cases of Bruxism – which is the medical term to define the ‘teeth grinding’ condition).


What is the best way to stop grinding teeth?


The most effective remedy to teeth grinding is to identify the root causes of the condition. Without a clear idea about what is causing the teeth grinding, there can be no permanent solution to the condition. Looking to manage the condition is not the same as curing teeth grinding. For example, the fact that the most commonly recommended treatment for teeth grinding is often the prescribed use of mouth guards or splints and the use of medications to deal with the associated pain, headaches and other discomfort, only proves that very few actually get down to investigating the real cause that is the trigger for the teeth grinding condition to occur. Such devices and medications have their own place and meaning in dealing with the effects of teeth grinding; however, these are not the best ways to stop grinding teeth permanently.


The only feasible and durable way to treat the teeth grinding condition is to take holistic measures to cure the causal factors of the condition. Holistic treatments include natural and self help methods to regain fitness the body – in conjunction with recommended steps to rectify a serious health issue if there is one.


This can be summed up simplistically as:


  • Identification of causal factors
  • Adoption of corrective measures – depending on the causes
  • Undertaking exercises and dietary corrections (after consultations)
  • Initiating holistic approach to life style changes to truly heal body and mind

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