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How Do I Reverse Teeth Grinding? The Answer Lies Within

The oral condition of teeth grinding is a typical case where an individual suffering from the discomfort ends up trying out the many managing techniques after several visits to physicians and dentist only to find out that the condition has got worse with time. The irony of this typical situation is that while most solutions that go by the name of ‘treatment’ of Bruxism (as the teeth grinding habit is termed) are not actually the solutions, the correct way to treat teeth grinding is often in the hands of the individual himself / herself.  A lot of times, the answer to the question ‘How do I reverse teeth grinding?’ is usually through some simple methods that can be carried out at a personal level.


Ways to reverse teeth grinding


  • One of the first and most important steps to reversing an unpleasant condition is to acquire correct information about the condition itself. In this case, teeth grinding needs to be understood as a fairly common oral habit that usually passes by without any damage. However, teeth grinding can stay on to become a chronic condition that is difficult to get rid of (and result in damage to teeth and jaw).
  • Identifying teeth grinding at the early stages ensures that the damages of Bruxism do not set in before corrective measures are undertaken.
  • To attempt the right course of treatment it is essential that an examination is carried out through a specialist in order to ascertain the root cause of teeth grinding.
  • Since stress and anxiety are considered to be the main triggers of teeth grinding, self help steps to reduce stress levels and undertake relaxation techniques can be initiated immediately. In both children and adults alike, initiating relaxation measures especially prior to sleep times has been found to yield positive results as far as reversing teeth grinding is concerned.
  • Along with relaxation techniques, there are some simple exercises that can be carried out at home to work on the facial muscles and jaw joint. These exercises are proven to reduce teeth grinding.
  • Commence a healthy overall life style that includes the right diet and daily routine conducive to keeping good health.

If damage from teeth grinding is severe, all of the above steps can be carried out along with damage control measures that a specialist will prescribe after identifying the real cause of the problem.


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