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Those who are affected with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome not only suffer from excruciating jaw pain, but they also face many other problems that include facial pain (myofascial pain syndrome), headache, tinnitus, misaligned bite, lock jaw, difficulty in opening or closing the mouth, clicking or popping noise every time the jaw is opened and many others like this. Since the friendly forms of family physicians have now been rudely replaced by frosty MDs who mostly believe in invasive surgery that creates more complications than ready relief, it is no wonder that many of the TMJ victims turn to home remedies that often prove better cure.


Here is a listing of some common home TMJ remedies that are believed to provide relief to TMJ sufferers, if practiced well.


Home Remedies For The TMJ Syndrome


Try Acupressure at home for relief from the TMJ symptoms for which the meridian points are given below.


  • Pressure at Pericardium 6, which is located on the wrist and so easy to administer is believed to relax the tensed jaw muscles. This can substantially reduce the TMJ pain.
  • Pressure at large intestine 4, which is located four fingers above the navel, is known to help reduce pain in the head and the jaw region. It also relaxes facial muscles.
  • Pressure at gallbladder 20 helps TMJ pain relief in the neck and shoulders.
  • Pressure at Lung 1 is known to prevent teeth grinding at bedtime.


You may also try Homeopathic remedies at home for relief from the TMJ symptoms. However, one should select a remedy that best matches with the symptoms. For beginners, lesser potencies should preferably be used. The following can be good options.


  • Try Arnica 6x or 12c if TMJ is caused due to injury. It will work wonders.
  • Try Rhus Toxicodendron 30c twice daily if jaws stiffen up at night.
  • Use Kali Phosphorica to reduce nerve pain and stress.
  • Try Ignatia 12x if pain is caused more due to emotional stress.
  • Magnesia Phosphorica 12x will relieve tensed jaw muscles that tend to spasm.


There are quite a few vitamins and mineral supplements that often provide the cure as well from TMJ disorders and so, they have been listed below for the convenience of the reader.


  • Magnesium is supposed to be TMJ specific and so may be used as a home remedy for relaxing the muscles that surround the jaw.
  • Valerian Officinalis is believed to help reduce the effects of stress that causes muscles to tighten up and so may be used as a home remedy for the TMJ disorder.
  • Kava is believed to have special effects on the nervous system and so can be safely used as a home remedy for TMJ related problems.
  • Methylsulnylmethan or MSM can reduce inflammation and muscle spasm caused due to the TMJ syndrome and hence this may be used as a home TMJ remedy as well.


Practicing TMJ exercises at home can also bring ultimate relief to TMJ related problems that are simple yet effective. This includes placing the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth and simultaneously moving the jaw up and down very slowly. This would retrain the wayward jaw muscles to perform again in right pattern, thus resolving most TMJ related problems. Needless to say, this can be practiced at the privacy of home, needing no help from outside agents.


The Various TMJ Treatment Options


Apart from the TMJ home remedies, there are actually many other TMJ treatment options as well. There are of course conventional medications that include drugs and surgery, and over the counter remedies that include mouthguards and splints. But the fact remains that, there is a problem with almost all the approaches, and yes, this includes the home remedies too. To begin with, surgeries almost always come with a risk, and so should never be attempted without consultation with a physician. Most over the counter drugs also come with harmful side effects, and often these side effects become more serious than the main problem itself. The natural approach of using herbal supplements and home remedies can help somewhat, but then the relief is often not permanent.


TMJ Cure That Really Works


It seems that the only TMJ cure that really works is holistic remedies. The problem with the other remedies is that, they only try to address the symptoms of TMJ and not the root causes, which is the result of many factors. And since just the symptoms are addresses, they often make a quick comeback, even after they go away with treatment. Holistic remedies on the other hand treat the body as a whole and identify all the root causes of TMJ and treats them, rather than just treating the symptoms. This is the better approach because once the causes go away, the symptoms too disappear automatically, and they never come back again.

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