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Find Out The Reasons Behind Hearing Loss Caused By Grinding Teeth

Teeth grinding if left unchecked can initiate the onset of damage in the head and neck regions of our bodies, in many forms. In this context, hearing loss caused by teeth grinding is known to occur.


Causes of hearing loss?


Hearing loss is indicated in people by symptoms such as muffled hearing, feeling that the ears are plugged, trouble listening to the television at normal levels or having difficulty in understanding what people are saying, and finally mood swings and depression brought on by the disability and its associated discomfort.


The causes of hearing loss can be a simple case of ear wax built up or an injury, high pitched noise, infection, ruptured ear drum or any damage or swelling in the middle and inner ear. Hearing loss can occur suddenly or gradually over time. While hearing loss can affect people of all ages, older people are more prone to acquiring hearing loss (brought on with age).


How is hearing loss related to teeth grinding?


Teeth grinding is an oral condition classified as Bruxism. While many hundreds of people indulge in the habit of teeth grinding to some extent, it is often the chronic cases of teeth grinding that has some severe repercussions and can end up causing irreversible damage to teeth as well as other parts of the body.


At the very least, teeth grinding can cause facial pain and headaches. More severe damages include loss of teeth, jaw joint dysfunction or even inflammation in the inner ear.


Sometimes teeth grinding motions are known to be accompanied by a temporary hearing loss. This condition can be induced by the constant grinding noises that persist through the nights in several cases. The intensity of constant noise can have a resultant effect of dysfunction in the hearing abilities. On the other hand, the severity of the teeth grinding can also lead to extreme stress in the muscular as well as the bone mass in the region. When the teeth grinding motions involving forceful forward and backward movement of clenched teeth is intense, the condition can cause inflammation in the areas around the ear and result in symptoms resembling hearing loss, ear aches, or abnormal sounds in the ear.


In most cases, hearing loss caused by teeth grinding is of a temporary nature. However, to ensure that the condition is resolved, it requires the root condition of teeth grinding to be appropriately treated with holistic measures.


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