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Although Bruxism is not typically a dangerous disease by itself, the habit of grinding teeth requires help to ensure that the condition does not persists for long and end up causing irreparable damage.


Teeth grinding symptoms


The oral condition or habit of teeth grinding is also called Bruxism and it exhibits wide ranging symptoms in people mainly because the condition is multi causal. Depending on the causal factors as well as the intensity of the teeth grinding habit, symptoms of Bruxism can vary. Some of the more typical symptoms can be listed as under:


  • Wear and tear of teeth (sometimes leading to tooth loss)
  • Damage to jaw joint or upper spinal cord due to the intense grinding motions
  • Headaches and facial pain
  • Tension in neck and shoulders, especially on waking up from sleep
  • Many other associated symptoms such as insomnia, depression etc

Help for teeth grinding


As soon as teeth grinding (or teeth clenching) is suspected, immediate examination by a physician or a dentist preferably a specialist in Bruxism is called for. This is because unless the root causes of the problem is identified correctly, the right course of treatment cannot be initiated.


Treatment for teeth grinding


Treatment for teeth grinding comes in several forms depending on where one is getting the treatment from. For example, most physicians will prescribe medications that act to relieve pain and discomfort. Most dental practitioners will suggest the use of devices to arrest damage to teeth. There are several types of splints and mouth guards available in the market that helps to minimize the damage that intense teeth grinding can cause. Others will suggest chiropractic care, homeopathy or other alternative cures.


Throughout all such options for treatment of teeth grinding, there is a common level of agreement that stress and anxiety being the major contributory factor to the occurrence of Bruxism, stress reduction and relaxation techniques play a vital role in helping to eliminate teeth grinding.


Along with stress reduction, there are proven exercises that can help minimize teeth grinding habits. These exercises are in the form of gentle facial exercises that help to relax and strengthen the muscles involved in the chewing and grinding activities of the head regions.


Apart from these, attention to dietary concerns is also considered important in help for teeth grinding treatment.


Unless one adopts a holistic approach to resolving teeth grinding, the treatments cannot yield durable results. 

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