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Grinding Teeth Causes Migraines:
The SECRET Revealed

The oral habit of teeth grinding has been known to cause several discomfort and painful consequences. Amongst the many complaints of such nature, grinding teeth can cause severe migraines.


What teeth grinding involves


The oral habit or condition of teeth grinding is also called Bruxism. The typical symptom of this condition entails clenching the upper and lower teeth in a tight hold and moving the teeth in a forward and backward motion.  Sometimes the teeth are held in a tight clench without any movement. A lot of times teeth clenching and (or) teeth grinding exists unconsciously especially when it occurs during the sleep times at night. A person suffering from this condition might not be fully aware of the existence of the condition at all.


How grinding teeth causes migraines


  • The act of teeth grinding involves the facial muscles as well as the jaw bones and the trigeminal nerves in the region – and all of these organs involved are put under tremendous stress and tension due to the excessive grinding and clenching motions. The resultant stress to these organs is brought on by the exertion of direct pressure for long durations. Stress to the facial organs can cause extreme facial pain and headaches at the very least.
  • Secondly, most cases of Bruxism have been known to be caused by stress and anxiety (although stress and anxiety are not the only known factors to cause teeth grinding). The causal factors of teeth grinding themselves can cause headaches and migraines on their own – and often coexist along with symptoms of Bruxism.
  • Other consequences of Bruxism such as sleeplessness or insomnia can also trigger migraines as a result of the body’s reduced levels of fitness and mental stress associated with teeth grinding. 
  • Many times people suffering from teeth grinding habits at night find themselves waking up from sleep with severe migraines and facial pain – which is caused by the teeth grinding motions that the individual carries on during the sleep times, unconsciously.

Migraines caused by teeth grinding need to be first related to the condition of Bruxism and therefore requires that the teeth grinding condition is treated first. In order to do so, it is necessary to undergo consultations with a specialist to verify the root causes of the problem of teeth grinding. The causes of teeth grinding being of a multifactorial nature, holistic measures are called for in order to correctly treat the teeth grinding habit. 

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