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Teeth grinding is an oral condition or habit that is commonly referred to in medical terminology as Bruxism. The causes of teeth grinding are many and the condition is therefore accepted as multifactorial requiring holistic approaches to treatment. Some of the more common causes of teeth grinding can be listed here. Keep in mind though that these causes can be contributory factors on their own or in combination with other factors. The condition of teeth grinding in several instances is found to be a harmless habit that is outgrown with age and time. However, it is the chronic cases of teeth grinding that goes on to cause severe damage to health when left unattended. Knowledge of the causes of teeth grinding is therefore essential in order to make informed decisions about taking corrective measures when required.

Common causes of teeth grinding

  • Stress and anxiety are considered to be the major contributory factors to the occurrence of teeth grinding. A lot of case studies have established that stress creates the conditions for habits like teeth grinding to set in. The habit occurs as an involuntary method of dealing with excess levels of tension in the body, particularly during sleep times at night.
  • High strung people who are easily frustrated and angered are also likely to indulge in teeth grinding habits. Many times a habit turns into a chronic condition resulting in severe damage to teeth etc. such situations call for the immediate initiation of correct relaxation techniques to deal with the root cause of teeth grinding.
  • Some of the causes of teeth grinding can also have more pathological or organic origins. Several health disorders can trigger teeth grinding in children and adults alike. These circumstances necessitate an examination by a specialist to diagnose the condition and identify the root cause of teeth grinding.
  • Mal alignment of teeth is often found to be a cause for teeth grinding to take place. When the upper and lower sets of teeth do not align as they should, it results in malocclusion and causes teeth grinding.
  • Sometimes jaw joint disorders or any other upper spinal column dysfunction can also cause teeth grinding to take place.
  • Side effects of medications or drug interactions are also known triggers of teeth grinding.
  • Other health issues (not directly related) can also act as triggers to induce teeth grinding.
  • Teeth grinding in children is known to occur during teething phases because of the discomfort in gums.

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