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Can Teeth Grinding Cause Your Lymph Nodes To Enlarge?

Enlargement of the lymph nodes is known to occur with infections during an illness or as a result of bacterial infection in teeth or the gums, the jaw and throat. Often an oral cavity that is infected can cause the salivary glands within to enlarge and lead to lymph node enlargement.


Symptoms of lymph node enlargement due to teeth grinding


A significant symptom of an enlarged lymph node is difficulty and pain while swallowing. A severely swollen lymph node can also cause respiratory difficulty because of the inflammation in the region. It can also be accompanied by nasal blockage. Sometimes the facial pain is not easy to pin point and might appear to be in the ear and not directly in the lymph node location. It is therefore essential to carry out an examination in order to determine the exact cause of the pain and discomfort, in order to clearly establish a linkage with a lymph node enlargement.


Lymph node enlargement and teeth grinding


A dental pathology of lymph node enlargement needs to be close examined by a dentist preferably one who specializes in Bruxism cases. Wear and tear of teeth and the consequent decay of teeth is usually a case for dental infection induced lymph node enlargement.


Severe wear and tear of teeth that causes erosion of teeth enamel and infection of surrounding gums and jaw plates can be a direct result of teeth grinding. Teeth grinding motions that are carried out during might times are usually not apparent and can cause immense damage to teeth when present for long durations as a chronic condition.


Additionally, the sheer pressure and tension caused by the teeth grinding motions are enough to cause inflammation and pain in the entire regions of the head and neck. Immediate examination by a physician or a dentist is required, to correctly identify the causes of the teeth grinding.


Under the circumstances when teeth grinding has been directly responsible for the lymph node enlargement, attention to curing the enlarged lymph node without treating the teeth grinding condition will not give anyone a long lasting solution to either of the issues. Teeth grinding is a multi causal condition and needs an expert diagnosis in order to find the real issues that are triggers to the condition. When teeth grinding causes lymph nodes to enlarge, usually taking the correct measures to treat the root cause will eliminate the secondary issue of lymph node enlargement as well. 

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