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Can Bruxism Cause Anterior Open Bite: REVEALED

Studies of anterior open bite cases reveal multiple etiological aspects. Amongst the various causes that can result in this condition, dental circumstances and especially Bruxism can cause anterior open bite. Dental causes leading to anterior open bite can be dealt with through the correct orthodontic treatments that are available currently. However, a long lasting cure is not always assured through such orthodontic manipulations.


Anterior open bite and its relation to Bruxism


Anterior open bite is a dental condition characterized by an absence of the typical vertical overlap of the upper and lower incisors as it should be in a set of healthy teeth. The effect of this condition is that the closed teeth do not close completely, and creates an open space even when the teeth are closed together. This condition has many other causal factors apart from the Bruxism symptoms that we are concerned with here. This dental condition can make normal actions such as swallowing and chewing extremely difficult. Some exhibit problems in speech too.


Sometimes anterior open bit conditions can be brought on by Bruxism teeth grinding and (or) teeth clenching actions when pursued over a long duration – as in chronic cases of Bruxism. Teeth clenching and teeth grinding (in acute cases) can lead to deformation in teeth and jaw alignments. Anterior teeth are severely affected by teeth grinding that subsists over a long time period.


There has also been a few reports about mouth bites and splints (used to manage Bruxism teeth grinding) that have caused the development of anterior open bite condition in teeth. In any case, mouth guards are devices that need extreme care to see that they are a perfect fit. This requires a specialist’s examination and supervision of the fitting.


Treatment of anterior open bite caused by Bruxism


The use of mouth guards and splints are prescribed in many cases of anterior open bite caused by Bruxism. These mouth guards are moulded pads that are used on teeth to protect them from the typical wear and tear of Bruxism teeth grinding.


Special orthodontic treatments are also used to provide correction measures to reverse the anterior open bite created by Bruxism.


In growing children, anterior open bite caused by Bruxism teeth grinding has been known to close naturally during the course of the body’s growth.


When teeth grinding as a chronic case is the cause of anterior open bite, dental correction are only temporary solutions. Bruxism requires holistic treatment.

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