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Can A Chiropractor Fix TMJ?
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Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction or TMJ as it is referred to commonly, is a painful condition that requires prompt measures to alleviate pain and take corrective action. This is one those painful conditions that are often difficult to identify easily and an individual might end up spending precious time and energy looking for some way to get rid of the discomfort associated with TMJ. Can a chiropractor fix TMJ? This is a question that requires some understanding of the nature of the TMJ dysfunction in order to appreciate fully the possibilities of treatment that are open to TMJ related complications.

What TMJ implies

TMJ is a disorder of the jaw joint that lies at the base of the jaw. The temporomandibular joint in effect enables a person to perform some of the most basic activities like chewing, speaking, swallowing or yawning.

A typical dysfunction of this joint can occur because of a displacement of the disc located at this joint, a mal alignment of the joint due to several reasons, an inflammation in the surrounding muscles, an injury related complication, or even a result of a damaging habit such as teeth grinding or teeth clenching.

Chiropractic relevance for TMJ

Chiropractic care refers to a system of healing that is based on the theory that diseases and disorders are caused because of a misalignment of bones (especially on the spine). According to this school of thought, any dysfunction of bones or joints will cause obstructions to the nervous system in our bodies and cause subsequent health issues.

A chiropractor is usually sought after for complaints of back pain. A qualified chiropractor who is well versed in TMJ cases has been known to bring relief to the painful conditions following a temporomandibular dysfunction (particularly so when the causes of TMJ are directly related to and arising from a pathological disorder of the temporomandibular joint). Regular chiropractic care under a specialist has been known to offer some degree of relief, especially when followed up or accompanied by other holistic measures of treating the TMJ condition.

A few things need to be considered when opting for a chiropractic treatment for TMJ a thorough examination has to be carried out to obtain a correct diagnosis of TMJ and its exact nature. Unless the TMJ is correctly assessed, a chiropractic treatment will not offer any results. Besides, considering a treatment for TMJ without looking into the reasons behind the onset of TMJ will also make a durable cure for TMJ elusive.

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