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Bruxism With Methylphenidate:

Amongst the more widely recognized drug reactions or side effects caused by medication, Bruxism with methylphenidate (MPH) is fairly well established. MPH is commonly used as an anti epileptic drug for children, especially in cases of children who display symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – known as ADHD.


Adverse response to MPH


The side effects of MPH have been especially severe in cases of ADHD children who were on treatment for the condition, with the use of valproic acid based drugs. Several case studies have brought to light the fact that the effects of a drug interaction of MPH and valproic acid can be severe in a lot of instances. Most of the side effects occur rapidly but persist for a long time. Although studies in this regard are ongoing, it is prudent to take extreme caution in treatment of ADHD with MPH. The patient could end up with more problems that can take a life time of problem solving efforts.


Bruxism with MPH


A typical case of side effects involving drug interaction of MPH and valproic acid can be as under:


  1. The ‘Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology’ in its November 13 & 14, 2009 issue (cited from - Volume: 10, Issue 1: January 29. 2009) discusses the occurrence of serious side effects as a result of adverse response to methylphenidate (MPH) in combination with valproic acid. The discussion is related to current concepts in ADHD and based on case studies by two medical specialists, the issue reports Bruxism as an adverse effect of administering MPH to children maintained on valproic acid.
  2. Bruxism is a condition that manifests symptoms of teeth clenching and teeth grinding. Many times this sort of teeth grinding can be a result of multiple causes that can range from stress to jaw mal alignment. Bruxism symptoms can be manifested in varying intensity in different people. While it can be a case of mild teeth grinding during sleep, sometimes Bruxism can result in severe damage to teeth and gums as well as lead to other painful conditions.
  3. Chemically induced Bruxism as in the case of Bruxism with methylphenidate (MPH) is acknowledged as one of the causes of Bruxism arising out of drug interaction.   Although the exact relation of the side effect is not thoroughly established, several instances have proved that Bruxism can indeed be a result of chemical reaction.
  4. In such cases, the drug needs to be discontinued and holistic treatment started to deal with the complications.
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