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How Do You Choose The BEST Bruxism Treatment For Yourself?

The oral condition of Bruxism is associated with many kinds of Bruxism treatment depending on the exact nature of the Bruxism and its related symptoms. This oral condition refers to the habit of teeth grinding and teeth clenching that is exhibited by many people. The symptoms of Bruxism often differ slightly in different cases – especially in regard to its intensity and duration of teeth grinding motions. Treatments for Bruxism are of several types since the condition of Bruxism is multifactorial. The most common types of treatment for Bruxism can be discussed under the following categories.


The range of Bruxism treatment


  • The most popular manner of dealing with Bruxism appears to be focused on managing the problem – or more specifically, managing its symptoms and the damage inflicted
  • An effective way to manage or minimize the damage from Bruxism (which is often a condition of seriously eroded teeth and other related dental and jaw dysfunction) is through the use of mouth guards / bite guards or splints. These devices help protect an individual’s teeth from the wear and tear that ‘teeth grinding’ motions typically bring on. Such devices however do not cure the problem of teeth grinding or teeth clenching
  • Attention to dietary considerations is another Bruxism treatment that is prescribed to eliminate or reduce Bruxism symptoms. This kind of treatment is based on the belief that certain types of abdominal ailments can trigger teeth grinding. Another consideration is that taking certain dietary supplements and avoiding certain kinds of food can also help deal with Bruxism
  • Sometimes very serious cases of Bruxism are recommended surgery as treatment. This kind of Bruxism treatment should only be considered as a last recourse solution.  
  • There are currently biofeedback devices also available that are used for Bruxism treatment. These biofeedback devices alert the user whenever it senses muscle activity connected to teeth grinding motions.  Most such devices are adjustable to individual requirements
  • Stress reduction therapy (or self help) is a well established treatment for Bruxism
  • There are specific types of exercises that are also recommended as Bruxism treatment
  • Of all Bruxism treatment, the most substantial by far is a holistic and multi disciplinary treatment. When Bruxism treatment is approached with a clear understanding of the true nature of the condition and its root cause, the results are the most positive and long lasting.

Any kind of Bruxism treatment will require a prior examination by a qualified specialist.

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