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Bruxism Solution:
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Bruxism solution depends to a large extent on the exact nature of the condition and the kind of damage it has caused to the personís teeth because of the clenching and grinding. While clenching and grinding of teeth is a common phenomenon afflicting many hundreds of people, the problem can become a serious condition calling for specialized medical attention under certain circumstances. There can be no single solution for a condition like Bruxism which has multiple causes (and different nature of associated damage). Under the circumstances, we can list a generalized pool of options that are available as solutions for Bruxism. Keep in mind though, that one needs to consult a physician before deciding on a treatment and solution to deal with the problem.


Options for Bruxism solution


  1. A typical allopathic cure for Bruxism is rarely available. However, the typical symptoms of Bruxism can be treated to provide relief for acute conditions and more importantly, restricting sequelae complications that can arise after long term Bruxism.
  2. The most commonly prescribed solution for Bruxism is provided in the form of drugs and medication to take care of the discomfort that is associated with long running cases of Bruxism.
  3. Another solution to Bruxism involves dietary changes to include more nutritious food groups as well as intake of the right supplements to meals.
  4. Several coping techniques exist in the market to provide relief from teeth grinding and limit the damages of constant clenching and grinding. Such solutions include mouth guards etc.
  5. Sometimes a solution to Bruxism involves a simple step such as change in sleep positioning.
  6. Exercises form a very intrinsic and dependable solution to Bruxism that can be carried out simultaneously with other forms of Bruxism treatment.
  7. Amongst the recent widely acknowledged solution to Bruxism is dealing with personal stress and anxiety. Reduction in stress levels has been proved to contain great possibilities of solving or at the very least, minimizing the typical symptoms of Bruxism.
  8. Since the nature of Bruxism is multi causal, there are a variety of treatments and solutions available and there is a lot of difference in opinion as to the best manner of dealing with Bruxism. Mostly (because of the multi factorial nature of the condition), a multi disciplinary and holistic treatment of the body has been found to yield the best results as far as a solution to Bruxism is concerned.

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