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Bruxism Mouth Guard: A Solution?

One of the most frequently heard “solutions” to Bruxism is the use of Bruxism mouth guards. These are devices recommended for use by people with grinding teeth and other associated problems. The habit of (or in acute cases the medical condition of) Bruxism exhibits symptoms of teeth grinding or teeth clenching and the consequences thereof includes jaw problems, facial pain, headaches and wear and tear of teeth and gums.


What necessitates Bruxism mouth guards?


When the teeth grinding motions of Bruxism persists over a long duration of time, it leads to excessive rubbing and gritting of the teeth which results in several teeth and jaw disorders. Following are some of the common problems associated with Bruxism teeth grinding that can make the use of mouth guards necessary:


  1. The edges of the teeth – especially the front teeth will be worn down with the constant grinding.
  2. Minor fractures develop over time and lead to chipping and breakage of teeth
  3. Fractures can proceed deep into the teeth and facilitate the rapid progress of tooth decay
  4. Wear and tear of teeth can cause teeth sensitivity and intolerance to cold.
  5. Teeth grinding can cause receding gum lines and encourage inset of periodontal diseases. 
  6. Bruxism often leads to loose teeth which will eventually fall off
  7. The teeth grinding and teeth clenching motions also end up exerting extreme pressure on the jaw bone and often leads to deformation of the supporting bone mass of teeth

What are Bruxism mouth guards?


Mouth guards are used by people suffering from acute symptoms of Bruxism. They are pieces of plastic pads fitted to teeth during sleep times when the Bruxism motions are the most severe. These mouth guards take on the effects of the constant clenching and grinding and leave the teeth themselves free from the subsequent wear and tear.


Is Bruxism mouth guard the solution to teeth grinding?


The possible intensity of some of the repercussions of teeth grinding sometimes necessitates use of devices that can prevent the wear and tear of teeth and gums. However it needs to be kept in mind that Bruxism mouth guards cannot stop the Bruxism symptoms. They can only prevent damage to teeth to an extent.


The use of mouth guards also discourages search for real causes of the problem and its true solution. A solution to Bruxism can be acquired through early use of holistic methods and multi disciplinary ways of healing teeth grinding.

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