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Do You Know How Bruxism Leads to Loose Teeth?

Among the several consequences of Bruxism, loose teeth are a common occurrence. Bruxism with loose teeth can lead to other irreparable consequences if unattended with the correct methods.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is an oral condition that involves grinding of teeth. It can also involve clenching of teeth. Sometimes both of these symptoms coexist. Bruxism is a common occurrence and need not always lead to damage to teeth. However in several instances Bruxism, when it is present over a long duration in an acute form, can lead to many kinds of damage to teeth.

How Bruxism leads to loose teeth?

Bruxism can lead to the incidence of loose teeth in the following ways:

  1. The constant clenching and grinding of teeth that typically occurs in Bruxism can bring on wear and tear of teeth. The severity of damage to teeth will depend on the extent of grinding that takes place. Every individual has a personal manner of exhibiting the symptoms.
  2. The grinding motions of Bruxism tend to rock the teeth back and forth in the gums.
  3. This kind of rocking motions of the teeth when it subsists over a long period can loosen them permanently.
  4. Sometimes loose teeth in cases of Bruxism can occur because of the formation of periodontal pockets under the teeth. Periodontal pockets are the supporting bone around the teeth. Sometimes because of the intense grinding or clenching motions, these supporting bone mass gets eroded.
  5. Bruxism loose teeth eventually fall off in most cases.

In a lot of cases a person might not be aware that the Bruxism motions of teeth grinding is what is causing the loose teeth. Often Bruxism persists as a habit (very similar to biting nails when faced with stress) and continues from childhood into adulthood. The cause and effects of this habit can be difficult to identify without specialized help. It is the prevalence of Bruxism over such long durations that cause problems such as loose teeth to occur.

Holistic methods of treating this condition at the early onset of Bruxism can yield positive results in avoiding loose teeth and Bruxism. A multi disciplinary approach is called for to tackle a condition that can potentially lead to loose teeth at a later stage. In any case, one needs to consult with a physician or a dentist to examine the exact nature of Bruxism and the incidence of loose teeth if it exists.

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