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Bruxism In The Overnight PSG:
What Does It Reveal?

One of the best ways to establish the causes of damage caused by teeth grinding is to confirm the condition of Bruxism in the overnight PSG Ė or through a polysomnographical (PSG) test.


Bruxism and the need for overnight PSG


The oral condition of Bruxism is usually seen as a night time occurrence (although Bruxism can be a diurnal condition too). This oral condition involves teeth grinding and (or) teeth clenching motions that are prevalent in many people to varying degrees of intensity. Many times teeth grinding is a temporary phenomenon (or habit) that passes by without causing any damage.


However, the condition of Bruxism often remains a habit for a long duration and goes on to inflict severe damage on a personís teeth, jaws and lead to other health complications. Such variations of Bruxism require immediate attention and follow up steps to cure the problem and its consequences.


Nocturnal Bruxism is more difficult to identify and is also more difficult to cure. On several occasions it has been seen that the condition of Bruxism has come to light only after an investigation into causes of severe wear and tear of teeth (Bruxism is known to wear down teeth to such an extent so as to erode the enamel completely and expose the pulp inside). Nocturnal Bruxism is also known to cause sleep related problems such as insomnia, leading to over exertion and fatigue through the day. Stress compounds the problem of Bruxism and in turn becomes a contributing factor to teeth grinding.


One of the best ways to establish the condition as well as the intensity of Bruxism teeth grinding is to consult with a physician or a dentist and get an examination done. A polysomnographical (PSG) recording during sleep period is what is used to confirm the existence and nature of Bruxism. Such PSG tests can also be used subsequently to determine the efficacy of coping techniques that a person might use to deal with chronic Bruxism. PSG tests, earlier used for medical conditions such as Parkinsonís disease are being increasingly used these days for help in seeking out causal factors of other health conditions such as teeth grinding in this instance.


Things to consider before a conducting a PSG


  • Bruxism is a multifactorial condition and therefore its causes can be wide ranging
  • There are perfectly good natural ways of dealing with Bruxism. 
  • PSG is not a solution to Bruxism.
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