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Bruxism Exercises:
Do They REALLY Provide Relief?

Bruxism exercises are a great way of getting over Bruxism a condition characterized by teeth grinding. Amongst all the types of treatment that a physician might suggest as ways to treat Bruxism, exercises are one of the most important ways of targeting the root problem that is often the major cause of teeth grinding. In order to fully comprehend this aspect, one would need to understand why Bruxism occurs.


Bruxism is often associated with stress or facial joint mal alignment amongst other reasons. Prescription drugs might bring relief from the accompanying discomfort (in acute cases), but medications cannot truly solve the problem unless it is accompanied by other ways of dealing with the condition. The following are some of the many Bruxism exercises that can be practiced.


Slow movement Bruxism exercises for holistic treatment


The following set of jaw exercises can be followed to treat Bruxism after having consulted with a specialist to determine the exact nature of the Bruxism and its related symptoms. These exercises can be done alongside any other kind of treatment that a person suffering from Bruxism needs to undertake (with the exception of a surgical case where proper consultations and extreme care needs to be taken before starting any sort of exercise regime).


  1. Sit up straight in a comfortable position.
  2. Inside your closed mouth, allow the tip of the tongue to slide from the front to the back (be sure to keep the top and bottom teeth touching).
  3. Open mouth very slowly; hold position for a couple of seconds and return to original facial position.
  4. Repeat after mouth is sufficiently relaxed. Continue this exercise for at least two minutes.
  5. Next, open mouth slowly (as wide as you can without straining) and close gradually. Repeat for at least two minutes.
  6. Next, loosely close your mouth and move just the lower jaw to the left and right alternatively in gradual movements. Repeat for two minutes.
  7. Close mouth and breathe deeply for a minute to make sure you relax sufficiently before ending these exercises.

For best results, these Bruxism exercises should be done at the early stages of the condition. Also, since many times Bruxism is also associated with stress and anxiety among other factors, a multidisciplinary approach with a holistic treatment is sure to provide positive and long lasting results. Additionally, a change in lifestyle and focus on general body postures and health will certainly aid speedy recovery from Bruxism.

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