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Bruxism Cure: Which Is The One For You?

Bruxism is an oral condition with multifactorial causes and a Bruxism cure is likely to remain illusionary if the root causes are not correctly identified and treated in the proper manner.


Bruxism symptoms:


The typical symptoms of Bruxism are exhibited in the following ways:


  1. Grinding and clenching of teeth in various degrees
  2. A lot of times the grinding motions of Bruxism exists only during sleep times at night. However, Bruxism symptoms can be exhibited during the day time also in certain cases
  3. The constant teeth grinding motions when it exists over a long duration can lead to wear and tear of teeth and can cause other dental problems and jaw disorders
  4. Bruxism when it becomes acute also causes facial pain and headaches

A lot of times Bruxism can be present without it becoming a damaging condition. Hundreds of children outgrow Bruxism as they grow up. However, Bruxism can be a potentially destructive habit and can end up causing great damage to teeth and jaws if the condition is becomes acute.


Bruxism when it becomes a destructive habit requires attention and prompt measures to initiate a Bruxism cure.


Bruxism cure based on holistic methods


Before deciding on the best method of curing Bruxism, a consultation with a specialist is essential. It is only after an examination by a knowledgeable person that one can acquire a reasonable idea about the nature of the Bruxism condition. If the teeth grinding motions are severe, then one might be recommended a mouth guard type of device in order to arrest further damage. A physician might also prescribe drugs to relieve pain if it is called for. Depending on the nature of the Bruxism condition and its associated symptoms, various ways of dealing it might be suggested.


Since Bruxism can be caused by many different factors, there is rarely a single shot solution or cure to the condition. While immediate relief will have to be taken in acute situations, these are not cures to Bruxism. A truly effective Bruxism cure has to deal with the problem in a more holistic manner.


A holistic Bruxism cure consists of a set of self help measures that include simple but efficient ways of eliminating Bruxism symptoms. These include:


  1. Adopting a more stress free life style
  2. Learning basic relaxation techniques
  3. Undertaking the correct exercises
  4. Care to keep in mind certain dietary dos and doníts
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