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Bruxism Bite Guard: Does It Really Help?

Bruxism bite guard is a frequently prescribed method of dealing with the oral condition of Bruxism. This oral condition is typified by forceful jaw movements such as grinding of teeth (and) or clenching of teeth. The causes of this condition can be varied and there is no single treatment that is acknowledged as the best way of getting rid of Bruxism. However, there are several attempts at handling the symptoms ranging from medication to many kinds of coping techniques.

Why are Bruxism bite guards necessary?

Bite guards are prescribed under the following situations:

  1. When forceful jaw movements of Bruxism results in grinding, and gritting of teeth, especially during sleep times
  2. When the intense grinding motions of Bruxism results in a lot of wear and tear of teeth
  3. When Bruxism teeth grinding becomes a compulsive habit that can potentially lead to wear and tear of teeth

What are Bruxism Bite Guards?

A Bruxism bite guard, in essence, safe guards teeth from the eroding effects of Bruxism and takes the damage on itself rather than the teeth. These bite guards are considered by many to be an effective manner of treating teeth grinding. Bite guards are also considered to be a good way of ensuring uninterrupted sleep for people suffering from acute Bruxism where sleep becomes a problem and leads to a cycle of stress arising from sleep deprivation, which in turn can cause the Bruxism symptoms to intensify.

Bruxism bite guards often go by the name of mouth guards. They come in the form of bite pads that can be worn at night during sleep times. There are also day time mouth guards available for those who continue the Bruxism teeth grinding during day time. Bite guards are made of high quality material that can protect the teeth through the grinding and clenching effects.

Care needs to be taken to keep the following in mind in cases of Bruxism bite guard use:

  1. The fitting of the bite guard device has to be correctly assessed to provide for a snug fit. One should not end up with additional damage to teeth because of a badly fitting bite guard.
  2. Examination and consultations with a specialist is essential before the use (and the decision to use) Bruxism bite guards.
  3. Bruxism bite guards are only coping techniques, and not a solution to the condition of Bruxism.
  4. Bruxism is a multi factorial condition and requires a holistic approach for a real solution.
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