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Bruxism And Chiropractors:
Can You REALLY Benefit?

Bruxism being a condition that rarely has a straight forward cure, people usually ends up trying out various forms of treatment and Bruxism and chiropractors fall in this category. Chiropractors practice a medical system of healing based on the theory that most health related complications are caused by malalignment of bones that in turn create obstructions to nervous system functioning. 


Bruxism, an oral condition that cause teeth grinding and teeth clenching leading to excessive wear of teeth, is often associated with jaw bone mal alignment problems (although this is not the sole cause of the condition of Bruxism).


How can chiropractors help people suffering from Bruxism?


Chiropractors are sometimes a favored choice for people suffering from Bruxism. For those who have found relief from visits to chiropractors it is possible that a bone joint disorder was the probable cause of the Bruxism teeth grinding. In such cases the right form of massages or exercises to relieve the condition contains a possibility of treating the condition of Bruxism.


In the above situation there are a few important variables that need to be kept in mind before deciding to opt for a chiropractor to treat Bruxism.


  1. A clear identification of the root cause of Bruxism is essential before putting all your hopes on a chiropractor’s cure.
  2. If a chiropractor’s treatment has been decided upon, it is highly recommended that one goes to a chiropractor who is skilled in joint manipulations or trigger point treatment.


Bruxism and chiropractor demystified


  1. Going by the fact that the causes of Bruxism is multifactorial, it is highly unlikely that a chiropractor’s visit hold the only solution to the condition of Bruxism
  2. The root causes of Bruxism are several and can range from jaw problems to stress induced reactions. The chances of finding a long lasting solution at the chiropractor’s place is only coincidental and not a general rule
  3. As with many health related issues, the real solution to a health condition is the ability to identify the root cause – in case of Bruxism, the root cause is often found to be elusive and therefore the availability of ample quick fixes to the problem that only offer short term relief, more often than not.
  4. Being multi causal, Bruxism necessitates a multi disciplinary approach that focuses on holistic methods of treatment involving a relook at an entire life style – that includes daily routine, exercises, nutrition and relaxation techniques. 

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