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Bruxism NYC: The "Big Apple" Link

Bruxism has been found to be a common problem, especially in big cities like New York City. Several case studies have revealed that the extreme stress levels and exacting lives of a big city have a lot to contribute towards the rise in cases of Bruxism. Bruxism is a condition which involves teeth grinding in varying intensity.


One of the most common causes of Bruxism is known to be stress and its related repercussions on an individual’s health – both physically as well as mentally.


How to avoid Bruxism


  1. One of the best ways to deal with Bruxism is to undertake relaxation methods that can help eliminate city stress.
  2. Individual methods can be experimented with, to hone on to a personalized manner of stress busting.
  3. When individual efforts fail to provide the relaxation that is required, then counseling or psychotherapy should be sought to reduce anxiety and stress.
  4. Highly strung individuals need to keep away from instant lifts such as alcohol or caffeine. These are also the two most frequently sought after quick fixes that city people take recourse to, in order to deal with the high levels of stress in a city routine.
  5. Taking care of the right dietary intake is also of utmost importance in order to keep health problems like Bruxism at bay.


Ways to deal with Bruxism


Although the advantages of a city life ensures that the very best of medical care is available to its residents, there is also a catch in this set up because it encourages city inhabitants to run to medications and drugs without giving the body a chance to fight its own battle through the natural way with a little bit of help to boost the body immunity and core strength.


There have been very little proven results of efforts to treat Bruxism through medications and drugs. Medications can at best, provide relief from the pain and other discomfort of ‘grinding teeth’.


While an acute case of Bruxism needs a professional examination and specialist treatment, Bruxism when identified at the early stages can be rectified through holistic means and suitable exercises and life style changes.  The following can be practiced regularly in order to deal with Bruxism:


  1. Make deliberate efforts to keep stress levels down
  2. Practice jaw exercises regularly
  3. Use the right dietary supplements to correct any imbalance in nutrition.
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