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TMJ disorders or the temporomandibular joint disorder create many problems that include pain in and around the joint area, difficulty in opening and closing the mouth, ear pain, migraine, cluster headache, dizziness, and a host of others that are difficult to tackle. Thus when a person suffers from the TMJ syndrome, it is not surprising that he or she will want quick TMJ relief.


Since so many people are suffering from this distressing disease and all of them are in search of effective and quick TMJ relief, it is not surprising that there are so many solutions that we can find today. They include pain relievers, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medications, natural remedies, home remedies, surgery and even TMJ exercises. However the fact remains that except for one or two of them, the others mostly fail. TMJ exercises are quite good because they can relax the muscles in the face, shoulders and the head. Natural remedies that use herbal supplements are also often effective, but the problem is, the signs of TMJ cannot be removed permanently. They almost always make a quick comeback.


TMJ Treatment


As uneven teeth formation can disrupt the temporomandibular joint’s ability to close evenly, which is what leads to the TMJ disorder, the treatment procedure should include restoration and maintenance of even rapport between the upper and the lower jaws (maxillae and mandible). Stable dental corrections are also essential for all those people who are suffering from chronic or recurrent TMJ symptoms. Restoration of bite anomalies in treating TMJ disorder may be done with the help of the following procedures.


  • Using mandibular repositioning devices to set the jaw in appropriate position
  • Through orthodontic treatment procedures.

However, if the occlusal surface of the teeth is found to have been damaged due to incessant tooth grinding/clenching, trauma or natural decay, the desired occlusion can be restored by manual setting of the bite and grinding the offensive teeth. And it can also be achieved through dental procedures like adjustment of the crowns or bridges to ensure appropriate alignment of the bite. In other words, occlusal therapy is often needed in resolving TMJ problems. Surgery is always risky business and thus it is always better to seek the opinion of your physician, rather than basing your judgment on this article.


Studies have shown that certain vitamins and herbs have curative effects on temporomandibular joint disorders and are therefore mentioned below…


  • Both Calcium and Magnesium are effective in proper functioning of muscles. Muscle spasms that create muscle tension headache in TMJ can be controlled by the intake of these two.
  • Anti-oxidant vitamins like A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium help protect as well as repair damaged disc cartilage in the TMJ.

TMJ Natural Cure


Herbal blends comprising of wild lettuce leaf, Passionflower, hops, Boswellia Serrata and skullcap having natural anti-inflammatory properties work as muscle relaxants and they have zero side effects as compared to drugs like Valium and similar products that are prescribed for TMJ disorder patients. Use of Sea Cucumber which is a natural source of chondroitin sulfate known for its ability to repair damaged cartilage is often recommended for all those who are suffering from TMJ disorders. Nevertheless, most of these treatments appear to be of transitory nature where withdrawal of the healing agent causes the symptoms to reappear.


However, TMJ relief can be of permanent nature if the problem is addressed at the source. To be precise, most TMJ problems will go away if the misaligned bite is somehow corrected and the jaw is put back to its original position.   Here a Neuromuscular dentist can work wonders. He/she will not only take care of the wayward muscles, ligaments and nerves around the RMJ but will set the bite right. And once that is achieved, the symptoms will disappear soon.


Although Chiropatric treatment protocol is believed to be effective in spinal realignment and associated relocations, some chiropractic clinicians have already started working with temporomandibular joints, recreating faulty biomechanics so that the jaws can be realigned and the bites corrected. However there have been so many cases where the results have been less than perfect, and so this may not seem like the ultimate treatment.


Incidentally, it may be relevant to learn about the outcome of the studies that have been carried out recently at the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research, Davenport, Iowa about the effect of chiropractic treatment for TMJ/TMD related symptoms which is summed up below.


“The qualified result of both outcome measures used in this perspective case series indicate that TMJ symptoms of participants in this study improved following a course of treatment using Activator methods, International protocol for adjusting the TMJ. Consequently, further investigation of this type of chiropractic treatment for patients with articular type of TMD is warranted”. But what happened after a while? Did the TMJ make a comeback? There is no mention about this in the study.


Relief Of TMJ Symptoms – What To Do


The only way to get permanent TMJ relief is from holistic remedies that treat the body as a whole to identify all the root causes of the disorder. And having identified them, once these causes are eradicated, the symptoms also go away. All other treatments just treat the symptoms and not the real cause. This is why holistic remedies have been so successful with the TMJ syndrome.

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