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It is true that the temporomandibular joint or the TMJ is a complex bone structure that works as a ball and socket joint and can become affected by degenerative joint diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bruxism, etc. It is also true that the cartilage, clinically called the disk that cushions the two bone structures can suffer progressive loss of cartilage while both these factors may appear to give rise to pain and other discomforts. However in reality, these hardly matter. TMJ troubles, to be precise, are caused by muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerve endings surrounding the complex joint structure but not the joint. Any cure, natural or attained through medication will become effective only if these are taken care of.


Since our goal is to achieve TMJ natural cure, it may, first of all, be necessary to locate the muscles and ligaments that have grown stiff or frozen as a result of the TMJ disorder.


  • Jaw muscles
  • Tongue muscles
  • Throat muscles
  • Neck and shoulder muscles
  • The lungs


TMJ Natural Cure Will Become Effective If These Muscles Are Toned Up Through Exercise


  • When the jaw muscles are exercised, these would no more drive the jaw into incorrect position, thus creating lock jaw and other related problems.
  • When the tongue muscles are exercised, there would be no more tension and the tongue would move freely within the mouth.
  • When the throat muscles are exercised and they get relaxed, these would not constrict, creating tension in the head and facial areas.
  • When the neck and shoulder muscles are exercised on a regular basis, the neck and shoulder pain would automatically disappear. Since the neck and shoulder muscles are directly linked to the jaw muscles, they tend to freeze as soon as the jaw muscles become stiff.
  • If deep breathing is practiced habitually, the lungs will function fully, supplying adequate amount of blood to the head and facial areas, making them free of any strain which in turn would make jaw movements easier and normal. Besides, breathing exercises strengthen the muscles by supplying the much needed oxygen to these areas.


Nevertheless, the exercises needed for the muscles have to be selective in order to provide the best result and are detailed below for the benefit of the reader.


  • Make your tongue touch the roof of the mouth while opening the mouth as much as possible. Continue deep breathing for 10 seconds then hold your breath. Breathe out slowly and bring the tongue back to its normal position. Wait for a few seconds and repeat the performance ten times.
  • Hold your fist under the chin and press firmly. Now try to open the jaw, a maneuver that may prove difficult on the first tryout. However, a person suffering from the TMJ syndrome will eventually get used to it after several trials. The biggest benefit derived from this exercise concerns the isometric energy developed in the process, which relaxes the mandible (lower jaw bone) to a great extent, resulting in a better bite. However, this may be halted if the jaw clicks during the exercise. In that case, it should be aborted for the time being and restarted again. The extent of this exercise is ten seconds which should be followed by a break of similar period and then started all over again.
  • Applying medium pressure, use the index finger of both hands to hold both sides of the jaw joint simultaneously and then start opening the mouth slowly till the jaw clicks. However, release the pressure as soon as you hear the clicking sound, take a break and start all over again. Practicing for a few times will enable the jaw to open and close in appropriate alignment.
  • Hold the chin firmly between your thumb and forefinger and then try to pull it out and push it in alternatively. In fact you are mimicking the normal movement of the temporomandibular joint, which apart from working as a ball and socket joint also allows the mandible to move out a bit in accessing a perfect bite. However, with chronic TMJ patients, this may have some adverse effects and should be abandoned when pain is felt.


TMJ Natural Cure, Holistic Remedies And TMJ Pain Relief


The exercises to relieve TMJ can help somewhat, particularly in reducing the symptoms of the problem, but they often return because the root causes of what is behind the disorder remains within the body. No matter of natural cure, conventional and over the counter remedies can help because they all try to get rid of the symptoms.


The only permanent solution to the TMJ disorder is in opting for holistic remedies. These remedies reach within the body and try to find out the contributing factors that are causing the problem. Having found them, the holistic system proposes natural cures and other remedies that can get rid of these root causes. And once the root causes are gone, the symptoms of TMJ go away automatically. Thus the relief from TMJ is permanent here.

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