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TMJ Jaw Exercises: Get Them Right!

The temporomandibular jaw joint (TMJ) disorder involves several issues, some of which are relatively easy to cure while others are a bit difficult to tackle. There are many contributing factors as well and this also complicates matters. This article will take into account first those that are not so easy, and also those that are relatively easy to resolve to offer TMJ relief to the sufferer.


When the bone structure of the temporomandibular joint gets permanently damaged due to degenerative joint disease like osteoarthritis, there are many who opt for metal transplants to set the joint right. However this often results in pain and discomfort although the joint may function well. Similar is the case with the disc if it wears out completely, thus needing artificial replacement which seldom functions like the original cartilage. However, if displacement of the disc causes the problem, it may be resolved through specific exercises that can put it back to its original position. TMJ jaw exercises can also take care of the muscles and ligaments that cause pain and discomfort in the region while a misaligned jaw can be retrained to provide an appropriate bite.


Needless to mention that the TMJ jaw exercises that are described below should be practiced as per the instructions given against each as otherwise the effects will either be nada or become counterproductive.


TMJ Exercises Option 1


Move your tongue and allow it to touch the soft palate (roof of the mouth) and then open the mouth gradually as wide as possible, keeping the tongue touching the palate all the while. Hold it there and count ten while breathing slowly. Now, bring the tongue back to its normal position, wait for a minute before resuming the same action. You need to repeat the performance at least ten times in a day to feel the effect which will result in easier opening and closing of the jaw.


Exercise To Relieve TMJ 2


Make a tight fist and press it against the left side of your jaw, immediately below the joint. Allow the jaw to be pressed firmly against the fist while maintaining a steady pressure. The isometric energy so developed from the above action will tend to relax the jaw muscles that had so long been cramped, causing pain. Release the pressure after holding it for ten seconds and repeat it for the right side for similar period. Do it as often as possible to get the desired result.


Natural Exercises For TMJ 3


Make another tight fist to place it directly under your chin, touching the extreme end of the mandible. Now, press it hard against the mandible while at the same time try to open the mouth. The isometric energy developed in this process will help relax the mandible (jaw bone) and adjoining muscles to a great extent. Release the pressure after holding it for ten seconds. Repeat ten times a day to get the desired result.


TMJ Exercise 4


Use your index fingers (both hands) to apply pressure on both sides of the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint). Using moderate but even pressure to both sides of the jaw, try to open the mouth slowly when you will feel the jaw movement through your fingers. Adjust the pressure in such a way that both movements become similar or at least become near similar. Close the mouth while maintaining the pressure and try to open it again. This will retrain the jaw if it had become misaligned. However, abort the operation if the jaw clicks and then start all over again. A little hint: As you should be well aware of the moment when your jaw is likely to click, open the jaw only up to that extent when it does not click.


TMJ Exercise 5


This TMJ exercise is recommended to person whose jaw has become relaxed and re-aligned as otherwise serious consequences are likely to result. Nevertheless, it will retrain the temporomandibular joint to work better in its sliding movement to achieve better bite. In order to do it appropriately, hold your chin firmly between your thumb and forefinger and then pull and push it alternatively in a slow but steady fashion. This motion may be continued till the jaw movement is normalized and opening or closing the jaw does not pose a problem. A note of caution: Abort immediately if pain I felt at any stage of the exercise.


Relief Of TMJ Symptoms What To Do?


TMJ jaw exercises are good, particularly when you are trying to get rid of the symptoms of TMJ disorders. However the remedy here is not permanent because the root causes of the TMJ disorder remains within the body. So what you need to actually do is turn to holistic remedies because they reach within the body and treat all the underlying root causes. Naturally, when these root causes are treated, the disease goes away, taking with it the symptoms too.

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