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TMJ And Ear Disorders:
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It is not unusual to have Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction and ear disorders coexisting and often as related health issues.

Ear disorders related to TMJ symptoms

Ear disorders that are related to a TMJ dysfunction are typically manifested in the following manner (singly or as multiple symptoms):

  • A feeling of fullness in the ear,
  • Sensation of pressure inside the ear,
  • Ear pain resulting from swelling in the proximal tissues,
  • Eustachian tube dysfunction in the inner ear,
  • Hearing problems,
  • Hearing buzzing or ringing sounds in the ear

How can TMJ lead to ear disorders?

TMJ syndrome is caused when the joint called temporomandibular joint that connects the mandible to the skull gets inflamed due to several reasons that can include stress, trauma, arthritis, injury, dislocation, dental problems, teeth grinding, neurological problems or other health issues related to bones and tissues.

Since this important joint is so closely located to the ears, any disorder resulting in inflammation of the temporomandibular joint regions can directly lead to pressure, pain and discomfort in the ears. In most cases of TMJ condition, ear disorders are a commonly associated symptom.

Treatment of TMJ and ear disorders

A commonly noticed problem in TMJ and ear disorders is that very often the symptoms of ear disorder gets mistakenly treated for some ear infection or other ear based issues instead of the primary cause of TMJ dysfunction. An individual can end up spending precious time and energy trying to get rid of the ear discomfort instead of looking into the real cause of the problem.

It is essential that the condition of TMJ disorder is correctly understood in order to acquire a proper diagnosis and undertake the right treatment for the root cause instead of taking ear relief measures that can only yield some temporary relief at the very best. Additionally, some of the quick fix measures that one takes recourse to in pursuit of relief from ear pain can actually lead to other subsequent side effects. For example, a lot of medications that are available as over the counter drugs for pain relief can cause a lot of harm. Moreover, such pain relief medications can lead a user into a false belief that a solution has been reached. There can be no permanent cure to ear disorders that originate from TMJ condition without attention to the root trouble that is created by the TMJ disorder.

Holistic and multi disciplinary treatments are called for in order to cure the root problems that can trigger TMJ ear disorder.

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