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Do You Know What the EEG Tracing
of Bruxism Reveals?

EEG tracing of Bruxism reveals that there is a possible connection between teeth grinding and periods of rapid eye movements during sleep (eeg – echoencephalograph).  These revelations have been brought forth through studies that have been conducted through recording of brain waves along with eye movements and masticatory muscle movements during sleep times.


EEG and Bruxism


Bruxism is commonly witnessed as a nocturnal teeth clenching and, or teeth grinding condition. There are several notions and opinions about the causal factors of this condition, and many studies have been undertaken to identify a cause for the occurrence of the symptoms of Bruxism. EEG tracing of Bruxism is one such effort at identifying the triggers of Bruxism. 


EEG is a test that is used to measure and record the electrical activities of the brain with the help of special sensors or electrodes. Such EEG examinations are used to detect abnormalities related to electrical activity of the brain and identify patterns that do not follow the normal electrical waves that are supposed to be present in the brain. Usually an EEG is conducted on patients with epileptic seizures and other such problems. An EEG is also used sometimes, after a head injury.


EEG used for tracing Bruxism


In the recent years, EEG has been used in cases of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other related conditions. There has been reportedly some success in EEG biofeedback procedures conducted on ADHD cases as well as patients with acute Bruxism.


However, at lot of these claims have not as yet been validated in mainstream medical fraternity. The real value of EEG tracing of Bruxism lies in its potentialities in the evolution of future therapeutic modalities to understand and deal with Bruxism


An important aspect to keep in mind when contemplating a solution for Bruxism is that this condition is multi factorial and it is highly unlikely that a single approach treatment can cure the condition. The best results seen in cases of Bruxism is when it has been handled in a holistic manner using multi disciplinary approach to building up core body strength and health, along with regular practice of the correct exercise regime as well as proper dietary intake for the right nutrition. Above all, Bruxism requires attention to an individual’s stress levels and focus on lifestyle changes in order to attain a restful sleep and a relaxed daily routine.

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